Boat Trip by Bus

Photo: The sea at Skopelos.
Φωτογραφία: Η θάλασσα στην Σκόπελο.

Our last day was meant to be spent on a boat. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great – although the Sun was shining, it was extremely windy: more than just a gentle breeze particularly on the East coast of the island.

So our trip out on a small wooden boat didn’t go ahead. Instead we went on a bus trip. We booked to go to Λιμνονάρι/Limnonari, as it would be more sheltered on the West of the island.

There was a bit of a wait before the bus would go. The regular public bus would have worked out more expensive than getting a ticket from Michalis Tours and going with their bus. There was also the added bonus that the Michalis bus would take us straight down to the beach, whereas the public bus stops on the main road – a 1km walk from the beach.

While we waited for the bus there was time for a stroll around Skopelos/Σκόπελος and the port. The only boats running were the big ferries – no one else, none of the yachts, dared go beyond the safety of the harbour. There was quite a swell beyond the harbour wall and in places the waves were breaking over the top of the wall.

Once we reached Limnonari we took some sunbeds offered by one of the tavernas. Normally we prefer to take our own beach mats, but on this occasion the garden of the taverna offered us more space and some shade.

Getting in to the water was a little more difficult today. The water wasn’t clear enough to see my feet even when I was only standing ankle deep in water. Once in, there was a big swell but swimming wasn’t too difficult.

We had lunch in the taverna – just a light lunch of γίγαντες (beans), some bread, toastie etc. (I just had the bread and the beans) – then it was back to the beach to read a bit more of my book, plus more swimming.

I’m on to my 4th book in 2 weeks now, John Simpson’s book “We Chose to Speak of War and Strife: The World of the Foreign Correspondent. Holidays to Greece are the only time I ever read anything beyond the paper.

We were picked up by the bus again shortly after 17:30 and the driver dropped us outside our apartment, which was ¾ of the way between Limnonari and Skopelos. In the evening before dinner there was time for one last swim at the pool and a last drink at the bar.

For dinner we went to the small “Rosemary” café, where I had ¼ of a chicken roasted with potatoes, followed by a sour-cherry cheesecake.

Now it is after midnight here so I should get to bed. Alarm is set for 6 and our ferry over to Skiathos is at 07:05. Our flight isn’t until later in the day so we will have several hours to wait in Skiathos before we go to the Airport: Plenty of time for breakfast, and a walk about, maybe a last swim if there is a beach nearby?


ΦΧ. / FH.

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