Cyprus 2018: First Night In Larnaca / 1η Νύχτα στη Λάρνακα

Morning! Καλημέρα από την Κύπρος.

I arrived in Cyprus last night after a flight of almost 5 hours from Gatwick to Larnaca. It was Sunny when we left Gatwick but was dark by the time we landed, just after 19:50 local time.

I’ve rented a car for the weekend which I picked up at the airport and then drove in to Larnaca to find my hotel. Only a 20 minute drive away, so not too bad.

My hotel is in a good location, on the square of the Church of St. Lazarus – with free parking next to the hotel (although, in Larnaca’s one-way system, it took a few minutes to find)! After checking in I went to find somewhere to eat; grilled chicken in a restaurant on the sea front. From where I am, the sea front is 5 minutes walk down the road.

This morning I set off at 8 for a morning walk around Larnaca. I walked all the way down to the marina before returning to Lazarus square where I had a cooked Cypriot breakfast (bacon, eggs, sausage, grilled halloumi cheese, toast and olive oil seasoned with herbs) and a cold drink. In the morning sunshine, it was really quite warm, even walking around without a jumper.

The temperature is just below 20 degrees at the moment – it was about 14 when we landed last night. It’s not hot – but it is much warmer than Britain at the moment.

I’ll be checking out of the hotel shortly, there’s a couple of other things to do in Larnaca before I move on to my next hotel in the Cypriot capital Nicosia (Λευκωσία).


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