Skopelos Warms Up

Photo: Dinner at the beach in Agnontas
Φωτογραφία: Φάγαμε στην παραλία στην Αγνώντα.

The first few days of our holiday, the weather felt quite cool – warm, but the heat was not overpowering. There had been storms and torrential downpours in the days leading up to our arrival.

The last couple of days, it has become noticeably warmer – the cool breeze doesn’t feel so cool any more and the temperature is rising.

Dinner last night was at the Τέρψις/Terpsis restaurant – we had the house speciality, stuffed chicken. You can not order just one plate, if you order it you get the whole chicken – enough for 4 people. It takes a day to prepare, so I went in and pre-ordered on Friday night.

Today after breakfast we spent the morning by the pool then lunch at the apartment. After our afternoon siesta we got the bus – this time going away from the main town to the village of Αγνώντας/Agnondas.

There is a beach there (a pebbly one, not a sandy one) with a small harbour and several fishing boats. When the weather is bad it is where the ferries will go as an alternative to Skopelos and Glossa, the island’s second largest village.

There are several tavernas along the beach front in Agnondas and we chose the ‘Mouria’ to eat at. It was still daylight and not long past 7 by the time we left the beach to go and eat – early for us as we usually don’t eat until 8.30/9 by which time the sun has already set.

We had a nice meal – Mum and I had veal kokkinisto (the tomato/red sauce which I like), Corrie had Moussaka and Dad had fresh fish. Throw in lots of drink, dessert (ice cream, chocolate pie…) and it wasn’t until after 10 that we left.

We get the car tomorrow, so we’ll be able to get around at our own pace, not have to try and squeeze on to the busses which are very busy at the moment, standing room only a lot of the time!

It is after midnight here, so I’m off to bed.


Φρεντ / Fred.

Φρεντ Χαρτ

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