Greek Evening: Dancing & Photos of Ικαρία

This evening I went to the Greek evening organised by my Greek teacher.

The evening started with some Greek dancing – some of the simpler ones – taught to us by Hazel Young who comes to quite a lot of the Greek evenings.

I’m not someone who usually enjoys dancing but Greek dances are actually quite fun. We’ll ignore the fact that I quite often go the wrong way.

We then had some Greek food – I ate rather a lot of the γίγαντες – before sitting down to watch some photos from Hazel’s trip to Ικαρία – it looks like a nice island. If you’ve never heard of it before, its in the East of the country, not too far from Σάμος.

I’m completely full of food now though – Dad had cooked dinner which was ready not long after we got back.

I’m off to bed now.


Φρεντ Χαρτ

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