Around the Island :: Γύρο από το Νισή

Today I’ve done my own self-guided tour of Thassos and have driven a whole lap of the island.… View Post

Thassos is Quiet :: Η Θάσος Είναι Ήσυχη

I had almost forgotten what it is like to come to Thassos outside of high season. The last few times we’ve come here have all been during school holidays in July/August, when it is extremely busy.… View Post

Arrival in Greece :: Άφιξη στην Ελλάδα

On the way in to Keramoti – it’s not often this happens – I got stuck behind a slow moving Audi.… View Post

Second Day In Italy :: Δεύτερη Μέρα στην Ιταλία

After settling in to my caravan, I went out to get the waterbus in to Venice. A 20 minute boat ride later, I was in the middle of Venice, walking next to the Grand Canal towards St Mark’s Square.… View Post

Mountain Driving – The Alps :: Οδήγηση στα Βουνά: Οι Άλπεις

Crossing from Germany in to Austria, the border wasn’t noticable but it does have a very different feel compared to Germany; Perhaps its because the road signs and markings are different to the ones I’m used to in Germany!… View Post