Thassos is Quiet :: Η Θάσος Είναι Ήσυχη

Alyki: A crowded beach in the Summer, but very quiet in low season

It was overcast this morning when I woke up, gray clouds all around, not a sign of any sunlight. Well, its not the Summer yet, I guess.

It had rained overnight but was dry this morning, but clearly this morning wasn’t going to be a beach morning as I had hoped.

But no problem – I don’t have to drive anywhere, no rushing about to do, I’ll just make it all up as I go along.

I walked in to the village to go to the supermarket to top up on supplies; On the way back I stopped at the bakery to get some rolls for lunch, and something for breakfast (bougatsa – a sort of custard filled pie topped with cinamon and sugar – my favourite).

It started pouring with rain while I was sitting on the balcony eating my breakfast; Luckily my balcony is covered so to pass the time I just at and watched, and got my Amazon tablet out to read.

Maybe not a beach day?

Later in the afternoon the rain cleared and it looked like it was brightening up so I decided that I’m on holiday, and Sunny or not I was going to the beach, with my lunch. I made up a couple of rolls, and set off for Αλυκή (Alyki) beach, a short drive along the coast.

The Sun did come out while I was driving so in the end I did get time this afternoon at the beach, sunbathing – Temperature-wise it was only about 20 degrees or so, pleasantly warm but not hot (apart from in the car) – but it is easy enough just to drive with the windows wide open when I’m not on the motorway.

I had almost forgotten what it is like to come to Thassos outside of high season. The last few times we’ve come here have all been during school holidays in July/August, when it is extremely busy.

The major holiday in the Greek Orthodox calendar (apart from Christmas) is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on 15th August; and around this period everyone leaves the cities to return to their home islands for a few weeks. The Italians have the same holiday. Wherever you are in Greece in the middle of August, it will be busy because of this.

But at this time of year I had forgotten how quiet Thassos is. No traffic on the roads and plenty of parking spaces everywhere. What during July and August is one of the busiest beaches, today was almost empty. I had most of the beach to myself!

I sort of wonder whether next week being half term might make a difference. Possibly. Tinos and Syros are a little bit off the beaten track as they require ferry travel from either Rafina/Piraeus (4 hours) or Mykonos (about 1 hour) so I might get away with it. Tinos in particular isn’t in so many British holiday brocures, if any.

After some time at the beach before driving back I went for a quick walk – The fence posts made good camera stands.

On returning to the apartment I was in need of a drink, so made my way to the bar. This evening I went in to Potos just in time to watch the Sunset, then I went to have a souvlaki for dinner.

The weather should hopefully be better tomorrow so maybe I’ll have the chance to get out and about a bit more – I drove past Skala Marion on the way in yesterday and remember going there a few times in previous years. There’s a few other places I might like to get to, so perhaps I’ll do a sort of round-the-island-tour if the weather isn’t too bad.



Today’s Mileage: 23.8
Accumulative Mileage: 1564.14

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