Around the Island :: Γύρο από το Νισή

Obligatory photo with the car

Today I’ve done my own self-guided tour of Thassos and have driven a whole lap of the island.

I started with Σκάλα Μαριών (Skala Marion), a small village a short drive away from Potos. From there I went round to Σκάλα Πρίνος (Skala Prinos), where the ferries go to Καβάλα (Kavala) – It was here that I had my first proper swim of the holiday (instead of just dipping a toe in) before I sat down to eat my lunch.

Σκάλα Μαριών main beach
Σκάλα Μαριών village
Swimming at Σκάλα Πρίνος. The camera only has a 10 second self-timer setting so it was a case of set the timer and run, hoping I was swimming in the right place!
Σκάλα Πρίνος

As it was getting in to the hottest part of the day I thought I should try and get out of the sun for a bit, so I drove to Λιμένας (Limenas) – Thassos’ main town for a short stop to get an ice cream. Then it was on to the next beach, Χρυσή Αμμουδιά (Chrysi Ammoudia).

Λιμένας – Thassos Town
Χρυσή Αμμουδιά – Golden Sand

On the way back I had a choice of two beaches: Paradise Beach of Psili Ammos. I chose Psili Ammos but unfortunately it had clouded over by the time I arrived so I made it just a quick photo stop. The Sun was still shining when I passed Paradise Beach. How annoying!

Ψιλή Αμμός

Tonight was my last night in Potos and I ate at the Κλιματαριά (Klimataria) restaurant on the main road heading out of Potos. I had a very nice beef stew which was followed by a slice of chocolate cake ‘on the house’.

That finishes off the first part of my holiday in Greece. A long drive tomorrow – the sat nav estimates 770km, 9 hours to get there (including the ferry back to the mainland) to get to tomorrow’s overnight stop, Porto Rafti which is about 40 minutes drive from the centre of Athens – it is close to the port of Rafina from where on Monday morning I will get the ferry to Tinos.

I’ve got a little bit of packing to do, then I’m off to bed.



Today’s Mileage: 63.8
Accumulative Mileage: 1627.9

Journey Map

Somehow the GPS tracker recorded my location as somewhere completely different this morning… Odd!

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