Holiday time again! This year we’re staying for the first time in Lefkada/Λευκάδα.

For the next 2 weeks we’ll stay in an apartment in Lygia/Λυγιά, which lies on the East coast of Lefkada, opposite the mainland.

The location is good – Lygia is just a few kilometers outside the main town on the island. It is not a busy area, and the apartments are set back from the main road so it is fairly peaceful.

From Aktion (Preveza/Πρέβεζα) Airport we were met by a minibus and were driven down towards the bridge which connects the Greek mainland to the island. Once on the island it was just a short drive to our accommodation.

We are staying in the Poyxenis Rooms/Δωμάτια Πολυξένη. The owners are Greek-Australian and although for some of them English is their first language, I’m still speaking to them in Greek (it just means that when they count the change when I’m paying for a drink at the bar, they’ll be counting in English!)

This weekend my sister and I will go to Athens on the coach and for a few days we’ll stay in a hotel in Metaxourgeio (the same one I stayed in 2 years ago when I was travelling around Greece for 6 weeks). For my sister it will be her first time in Athens and there are many things she wants me to show her.

Next week we’ll rent a car (I might even do some of the driving) and we’ll travel to Lefkada’s beaches, and we’ll do a day trip to Thesprotia to visit Sivota and the Acheron River which we have been to several times before.

It’s now 7pm and after a long day of travelling I’m getting hungry. So in a little we’re going for dinner, and then I think get a good night of sleep.