Lygia Beach

Breakfast this morning was a hard boiled egg, yoghurt and honey, toast and jam, and a milkshake.

By the time I left to go to the bakery to get supplies for lunch, it was already late morning. Yesterday there was a nice breeze but by this time it was feeling quite hot.

After breakfast we headed for the beach. Just beyond the harbour is Lygia’s main beach. At one end is a hotel, and closer to the harbour is the end of the beach with sunbeds, a couple of bars, and a small bit of beach with the trees up behind.

The water was so calm and in the full heat of the Sun, with little shade, it wasn’t long before I got in to the sea for a swim. It is not a busy beach at all, but I reckon the best time to go to Lygia’s beach would be in the afternoon, during the siesta time.

Yes, that does mean being there in the full heat of the day…but once it gets past 13:30 the Greeks start heading home for their lunch and afternoon naps and the beach is noticably quieter. The Sun has also moved enough that the trees provide some much needed shade.

For lunch we returned to the apartment and had some bread from the bakery, with ham and cheese, plus our usual selection of things to nibble at – crisps (I do like the Oregano flavour crisps they do here), bougatsa (a sort of custard pie with cinnamon), and slices of cheese pie.

Then siesta time. I like going for my afternoon sleep. Put the radio on, lie down and fall asleep. It is cooler inside and as much as I like the Sunshine, the heat gets to you if you stay in it too long. That, and it helps break up the day a bit more. I wouldn’t object to having a siesta in Britain, if my working hours allowed it…!

As it got to about 18:00 I headed out to the swimming pool. The pool here isn’t the largest of pools but it isn’t bad at all – nice depth, quite pleasant to swim in.

Before too long the last of the Sun disappeared signalling it was time to go in; while getting ready to go for dinner I put Radio 4 on to listen to the Six O’Clock News (except for me in Greece it was the Eight O’Clock News).

We ate on the waterfront at the Kanioria taverna. Sitting right next to the Sea, overlooking the mainland – it is a great setting. Mum and I went for chicken, Corrie for Sifado and Dad went for fresh fish.

On the way back to the apartment we stopped at the Art Club bar, which is headed by Greek-Australian Spiro, who is in fact the brother of the owners of the apartment block we are staying in.

It’s approaching 01:00 here so I’m heading to bed.