Το 2019 θα οδηγήσω στην Ελλάδα
This is my site Written by Φρεντ Χαρτ on 21 Οκτωβρίου, 2018 – 12:58 πμ

I’ve not been to Greece this year but I intend to correct that with 2 upcoming trips: Firstly, I’m going to Athens for by birthday weekend in December. Secondly, I will be driving all the way to Greece in May/June 2019!

I’ve been slowly piecing together my plans for next year’s road trip, and have now got to the stage where I (roughly) know where I’ll be staying along the way – keeping plans flexible at this stage until ferry schedules for 2019 are released.

Leaving Fairford after work, I’ll drive through the evening to Germany where I will spend 3 night – The first in Aachen, then on to Frankfurt, and finally to Kochel in Southern Bavaria. I’ll then cross to Austria and drive via Innsbruck towards the Brenner Pass motorway to the vilage of Vipiteno in Italy. Vipiteno is in Südtirol, a German speaking region of Italy, whered over 70% of people speak German as their first language – so I won’t feel too lost there. From there I’ll continue on to Malconenta near Venice. From Venice I’ll board the ferry to Greece where I’ll arrive about 25-6 hours later.

In Greece itself I will stay for a few nights in detinations I’m already familiar with – I can get from Igoumenitsa to Potos (Thassos) in a day – after a weekend there I’ll drive down to Porto Rafti (near Athens) before taking the ferry from Rafina to Tinos. After a few days there it’ll be onwards to Syros, before returning to the mainland (Piraeus) and heading for my final Greek destination: The city of Preveza. Then, my last day will be spent pottering about in Lefkada and Thesprotia (Parga, Sivota) before returning to Igoumenitsa in the evening to get the ferry back to Venice. I’ll have about 10 days in Greece itself.

Once back in Venice I’ll head for home via Castro, a small town in Lombardy on the banks of Lake Iseo, about 50km from Milan. From Castro I’ll start heading North, via Switzerland (possibly calling in at Vaduz in Liechtenstein) to the lakeside village of Titisee, in South West Germany. I’ll then drive via Strasburg in France to the German city of Saarbrücken, capital of the Saarland (Germany’s smallest state) for my final night in Germany. My final day on the continent will take me from Germany straight in to France (bypassing Belgium for a change) and I’ll stay the night in Arras, capital of the Pas-de-Calais region and within a couple of hours drive from Calais for the journey home.

I’m looking forward to it… Can’t wait for the Spring now!



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