Rochari :: Ροχάρη

Rochari – Ροχάρη

Today I drove to the North of Tinos, to visit Rochari / Ροχάρη beach.

Rochari isn’t somewhere I went last time we were on the island in 2015, but when I was searching the Internet last night for places to go to Rochari came up as one which I thought would be interesting.

It is quite a drive from where I’m staying – Slightly under 20 miles but on Tinos’ roads, which generally don’t allow me to go much above 50km/h (30mph) apart from in a couple of spots, it took almost an hour to get there and another hour to get back.

Being quite far out of town there weren’t a massive amount of people on the beach, those that were there had cars as the beach is not in a village/town. There is a small beach bar there but the beach is big enough that you can sit away from it and not be able to hear it.

The Sun was quite strong this morning so I picked a spot underneath a tree; on the radio this morning (I’ve got a radio station from neighbouring Andros in the car, and a radio station from Mykonos in the apartment) they were talking about temperatures getting up to 29 during the day, which is the warmest I’ve had since I’ve been in Greece. In Thassos last week it was 25 during the day. Night time temperatures have been around the 20-21 mark.

Rochari – Ροχάρη
Pyrgos – Πύργος
The view towards Syros – Η θέα προς την Σύρο

For lunch I stopped in Pyrgos / Πύργος, a small village which we stopped in briefly on a coach tour of Tinos 4 years ago. I just had a lunch light – a cheese & ham toastie – and a short walk around the village, before I got back in the car to return to the apartment for a late siesta.

Although it had clouded over by the afternoon, the Sun did reappear in time to spend another hour or so on the beach this evening, before I returned to the apartment before dinner.

I drove in to town again tonight, and ate in one of the tavernas in a narrow side street away from the sea front. I had Μοσχάρι Στάμνας (beef Stamna) – which is essentially beef in a clay pot in a tomato sauce with cheese on top. While I waited for my meal I was served bread from the local bakery with a home made tomato sauce to dip it in to.

An excellent meal for my final night in Tinos!

Tomorrow I’m travelling again but not far – I’m getting the ferry to Syros, just next door. It’s only a 30 minute ferry; It doesn’t leave until the afternoon (3pm which is 1pm UK time) so I might have a last morning at the beach on Tinos.

I’m off to bed now.


Today’s Mileage: 52.1
Accumulative Mileage: 2237.6

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