Kolimpithra :: Κολυμπήθρα

I had a very good breakfast provided at the apartment this morning – bread with home made jam, a cheese & ham toastie, chocolate croissants, chocolate cake, and some cheese pies. A massive feast!

Last time we were on Tinos 4 years ago we did a coach tour of the island, and I wanted to re-vist a couple of the places we went to; Today – going via Chora to get to the travel agent to pick up my ferry tickets for Thursday – I went to Kollimpithra Beach.

There are two beaches at Kolimpithra, I went to the one with the taverna at the top (more space to park there); It was a little busier than the beach where I am staying – Not heaving – maybe about 10-15 cars had arrived by lunchtime, making it the busiest beach I’ve been to yet. Still plenty of space for me to put the mat and my chair out.

I spent the early part of the afternoon at the beach and went back to the apartment; on the way back in to Chora I found the road which cuts across the back of town which saved having to go in through the centre and then out the other side. I’ll remember that tomorrow. The bus never went that way so I never knew it existed.

Πόρτο – Porto

I had a late lunch and a short siesta at the apartment then went out to the local beach in Porto for a couple of hours this evening.

For dinner I had seen some activity in one of the nearby taverna so instead of driving in to town I ate locally. I had a chicken souvlaki for dinner.

As I finished a cat appeared and was very persistant in trying to jump on to my lap. I’d normally let it but didn’t think it should be encouraged in a taverna. I’m used to eating in Greek restaurants and tavernas with an audience of cats, but very rarely do they seem so keen to jump up and demand attention.

I’m going to try and explore some of the villages on the island tomorrow, I remember visiting Pyrgos last time we were here and thinking it would be a good place to stop for lunch – so I might have lunch out tomorrow.

Reading on the balcony after dark

I’m off to bed.



Today’s Mileage: 26.9
Accumulative Mileage: 2185.5

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