Passing Summer Storm

Photo: A ferry in the port of Skopelos
Φωτογραφία: Πλοίο στο λιμάνι Σκοπέλου.

Thursday was a cool and overcast day, and the wind was up. Not really a beach day, so in the morning we went in to town to have a proper walkabout there, have a drink with a view, and top up on supplies.

After lunch we spent a bit of time by the pool – it was quite busy as many people had decided to stay locally, plus there were a couple of new arrivals.

In the evening we walked back along to the ΜΠΑΜΠΗΣ taverna and watched as the skies became increasingly darker. We could see lightening off in the distance but luckily it didn’t start to rain until after we had made it back to the apartment (needless to say we took the bus, preferring not to be walking if it was about to pour down).

We sat out on the balcony playing cards while the rain came down outside. The storm didn’t last long though, it was only a matter of minutes before the storm was now over the town of Skopelos itself and then it went out to sea, towards Alonnisos. It stopped raining as quickly as it had started.

Friday was a calmer day, a little cloudy and windy in the morning but plenty of sunshine. By the afternoon the weather had returned to its normal self. We spent the day at Μηλιά/Milia beach before moving on to Έλιος – Νέο Κλήμα/Elios (Neo Klima) late in the afternoon.

We had planned to go in to Skopelos itself for dinner but the bus timetable wasn’t terribly accurate and the bus never came, so we decided to walk along the road to our nearest taverna, Τέρψις/Terpsis, to have souvlaki. The bus eventually came: 45 minutes late. Another case of ‘GMT’ (Greek Maybe Time).

Time keeping isn’t a priority in Greece, as the Greek language alludes to: They only have 1 single word ‘ρολόι’ which encompasses the several words we have for a clock, watch, clock tower, sundial….

This morning, another trip in to town was needed for more supplies, and a run to the cashpoint. Mum and I went, before joining Dad and Corrie at the pool on our return. We’re having a pool day today, and will go out to the beach later than usual, our plan being to stay at the beach later, but have an early dinner so we can watch the Sunset.

We still need to have dinner in Skopelos itself as well, and after tonight there will only be Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights left before we return to Britain on Wednesday.

Bye for now.


Φρεντ Χαρτ

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