Around Στάφυλος Village

Photo: Stafylos Beach
Φωτογραφία: Παραλία Σταφύλου

After travelling yesterday, we didn’t go far today. Breakfast was a buffet at the pool bar, with a good selection of things to choose from: Greek yoghurt, bread, ham, cheese, loukoumades (honey balls), cake, biscuits, croissants, hard boiled eggs. I had a bit of everything!

In the morning I walked with Mum to the supermarket – about a 10-15 minute walk away. ‘AB’ is one of the national chains in Greece and is often cheaper than the independently run mini-markets which you find in town and village centres – at least for your basic supplies.

After we returned from the supermarket, a swim at the pool was needed. We almost had it to ourselves, the other guests – mainly Greeks, some Italians – seem to use the pool more in the late afternoon, after siesta time.

We returned to the apartment and made our lunch. It was quite late on by the time we finished lunch so instead of doing the normal 2pm-5pm it was more like 4pm-5.30pm. Corrie, Mum and I then walked to the beach – about a 30 minute walk along the main road.

There was a small caravan on the beach serving drinks and snacks – much needed after the long walk! Time for a quick swim and then dry off before walking back.

Dinner tonight was at the ΜΠΑΜΠΗΣ (BABIS) taverna which we had passed on the way to the beach. Although on the main road it was quite quiet – the sort of family run place that doesn’t try to be too gimmicky with what they’re doing – just a good simple Greek taverna with friendly staff, who were only too keen to come and chat to us once the majority of other customers had gone.

I’m writing this while sitting in one of the seats by the pool and bar: the best place for accessing the wifi. Unfortunately I’ve now discovered that the hotel wifi is too slow for anything beyond receiving 1 e-mail at a time, it is quicker to use the Internet Sharing setting on my mobile. Fibre broadband hasn’t quite reached the Greek islands yet but 3G mobile data is quite cheap with my Greek mobile provider!

I’m off to bed now as it is getting towards midnight here, and I’m just about the last one up. The bar closed quite a while ago.



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