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Οι Διακοπές Μου Στην Ελλάδα

2013 – Γαλησσάς, Σύρος, Κυκλάδες

We spent two weeks in the village of Galissas on the island of Syros. We stayed in the Galissas Studios (run by Giannis Kazantzakis), and visited most of the island: Kini, Finikas, Vari, Megas Gialos, Agkathopes and Ermoupoli.

We also walked to the church of Agios Stefanos for the annual church service that they do there and had added entertainment as the priest tried to board his boat in the rough sea conditions!

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2012 – Σύβοτα, Θεσπρωτία

Η Θέα Προς τα Σύβοτα απ' την ΠέρδικαWe spent one week in Σύβοτα, which is in Θεσπρωτία, a county located on the West coast of the Greek mainland. This was our third time to Sivota but our first time at the Μουρτεμένο Hotel & Apartments – and we still haven’t visited everywhere in the area: there’s so much to do that we still want to go back!

We visited the ancient site of Κασσώπη, spent some time on the beach at Δρέπανο and returned to Γλυκή and the freezing water of the Αχέρων river.

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2011 – Κέρκυρα – Άγιος Γεώργος Αγυράδων

Στο λιμάνι της Πετριτής.In August 2011 we spent two weeks in the South of Corfu, in a village called St. George, near Αγυράδες. Although high season, there were still beaches on this part of Corfu which were deserted and we could still find villages on the island which had been unspoiled by tourists. Its like a different world.

Whilst on Corfu, we walked up to and explored the village of Αγυράδες, drove to the fishing village of Πετρίτη, enjoyed the small beach at Νότος and got a boat trip across to our favorite place on the Greek mainland – Σύβοτα.

Although I was nervous about visiting Corfu, knowing how tourist can be, this part of Corfu is actually relatively quiet – this is despite being only a short distance away from the horrible town of Κάβος, which is full of British tourists who like to drink lots, watch EastEnders every night and eat McDonald’s at lunchtime.

Άγιος Γεώργος Αγυράδων is somewhere I would go to again at some point.

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