To Glyfada :: Προς Γλυφάδα

Γαλησσάς :: Galissas

Today saw the start of the long journey North, back to Gloucestershire – but not before spending most of the morning and early part of the afternoon on the beach at Galissas / Γαλησσάς.

Leaving Syros to return to the mainland, even though I’m still in Greece, always feels a bit like the end of the holiday; I had the same feeling when leaving Syros part way through my 6 week trip around Greece in 2014.

Boarding the ferry wasn’t too bad – but busier than all the ones I’ve been on so far. If you can imagine driving on to the ferry then doing a 3-point turn to reverse in to a parking space, but following instructions being shouted at me in Greek, rather than looking in the mirrors (they don’t like it when drivers look in their mirrors on the ferries, it means they’re not paying attention to the crew).

The good news is that I can understand most of what they’re saying so managed to board and park with no problems. The most useful phrases for this are: Αριστερά/Aristera = Left, Δεξιά/Dexia = Right. Also useful to know are: λίγο γκάζι = a little (more) gas, and πίσω = back.

Ερμούπολη από το πλοίο :: Ermoupoli as seen from the ferry

The crossing from Syros to Piraeus took about 3 and a half hours – then it was in to the traffic of Πειραιάς / Piraeus. What an experience that was. Piraeus traffic was absolutely terrifying.

Taxis cutting in from the right (and left), bikes cutting in from all directions, I got stuck behind a bus but there was too much traffic to change lanes – and Greeks don’t like traffic lights.

I survived it all though and arrived in Γλυφάφα / Glyfada just in time to watch the Sun setting before I went for dinner. I am just over the road from the same beach I came to on the tram in December to watch the setting Sun – and just a 5 minute walk away from my regular Athenian / Glyfada beach.

Αθήνα :: Athens
Πειραιάς :: Piraeus
Παραλία Γλυφάδας :: Glyfada Beach
Η θέα από το δωμάτιο μου :: The view from my room

Quite a drive to get to Lefkada tomorrow so I’m going to put the TV on for a bit, then head off to bed.



Today’s Mileage: 15.4
Accumulative Mileage: 2292.2

Journey Map

I’ve got my GPS tracker working at Sea!

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