At the Beach :: Στην Παραλία

Κόμητο – Komito – After it had clouded over this afternoon

The last couple of days the Sun in Syros has been quite strong, and I’ve not really done much other than go to the beach.

I had a small breakfast in the apartment this morning – the café down below opens properly tomorrow (June 1st).

Then I was straight on to the beach at Galissas – For most of the morning and the early part of the afternoon I had one whole end of the beach to myself; with the exception of one couple who came down to the beach with their 3 dogs. It was quite entertaining watching the dogs getting excited as they played and swam in the water.

I left the beach at about 2 (siesta time) and went indoors for some lunch and to get out of the Sun for a couple of hours.

During the late afternoon for a change of scene I got in the car and went to Κόμητο / Komito beach. Despite the fact it was now overcast it was still quite warm and the beach still relatively busy.

I say busy compared to the beaches in Thassos which I more or less had to myself – but compared to how they are in August, this is quiet. At least I can still find a decent spot away from other beach-goers at this time of year!

I was quite hungry so went out for dinner a little earlier than normal tonight; My normal rule is that I won’t think about dinner until after the Sun has set (usually around 20:30 or maybe even later). I prefer eating my meal when the temperature has come down a little.

I ate at the Ηλιοβασίλεμα / Sunset restaurant in the village; I’d seen them writing up their daily specials board earlier and was interested in on of the dishes they had on offer. I had the Κριθαρότο με μοσχάρι – beef with orzo pasta – a bit like a giouvetsi but not quite. I wasn’t quite sure what sauce it came in, it wasn’t tomato, it almost tasted slightly sweet.

Tomorrow a bit of housekeeping; I’ve got to go in to Ermoupoli to pick up my ferry tickets for Sunday. I booked them online several months ago but the Greek system means I have to get to the local ticket office to collect them. Then I will probably head in the direction of Κίνι / Kini and go to the beach there.

I’m going to read for a bit on the balcony, and then head off to bed for the night.



Today’s Mileage: 8.3
Accumulative Mileage: 2255.8

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