47 Days To Go…

In slightly more than a month, I set off on my 3 week holiday which will take me further than I’ve ever driven before. After work on May 17th I leave for Greece!

I won’t arrive in Greece though until a week later – Thursday 23rd May. I’ll spend a week driving down through Belgium, spending a few nights Germany (Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber and Sindelsdorf, both in Bavaria), breifly calling in to Innsbruck in Austria and then crossing in to Italy to stay in South Tyrol and finally Venice.

I’ll then take the Minoan Lines ferry from Venice to Ηγουμενίτσα (Igoumenitsa), the port in North Western Greece which lies on the mainland, opposite Corfu.

In Greece itself I will enjoy slightly under 2 weeks and will have plenty of time for driving to some of my favourite islands: Θάσος (Thassos), Τήνος (Tinos) and Σύρος (Syros) – 3 nights on each. In between those I’ll spend 1 night each in Πόρτο Ράφτη (Porto Rafti), Αθήνα (Athens) and Λευκάδα (Lefkada).

Then I will return to Igoumenitsa to get the ferry back to Venice, and spend the next 4 days on the road driving back North, to Cirencester – travelling via Switzerland and Liechtenstein, spending a night in the Austrian city of Bregenz, then finally back in to Germany to spend a night in the Rheinland before I set the sat nav for Calais and come back home.

My route to and from Venice

Driving everywhere isn’t the cheapest way to travel – Petrol will cost a considerable amount, as will hotel costs for 3 weeks away, but it will certainly be an enjoyable way to see the continent.

My only slight worry is what a No Deal Brexit may do at the Channel ports (Dover-Calais), but I’ll tackle that if and when the need arrives.

For now my main concern is making sure everything is set – paperwork all in order – hotels booked – Euros (and Swiss Francs) sorted – car in full working order – arrangements made at work for my responsibilities to be covered. 47 days is not really a lot of time!

Watch this space for more updates as my departure date gets closer…


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