Νέα Ταινία στα Σινεμά στη Μεγάλη Βρετανία: Papadopoulos & Sons
This is my site Written by Φρεντ Χαρτ on 6 Απριλίου, 2013 – 12:35 μμ

Browsing through YouTube yesterday an advert played at the start of one of the videos I was watching. This advert was the film trailer for Marcus Markou‘s new drama/comedy film Papadopoulos & Sons.

The film has a bit of a Greek theme to it, which is why it interested me. The star of the film is Harry Papadopoulos (played by Stephen Dillane). Harry is a Greek entrepreneur who loses everything in the banking crisis.

All his family has left is an abandoned fish & chip shop – “the Three Brothers” – part owned by Harry’s estranged brother Spiros. The family moves in above the fish & chip shop and they bring it back to life, with their Turkish neighbour making things a little hard for them.

It looks like a very interesting film, and I’m keen to see it as soon as possible. It launched in cinemas in Greece towards the end of last year and opened only yesterday in UK cinemas.

Unfortunately though, Papadopoulos & Sons is only showing at 13 of the UK’s 600+ cinemas – the nearest ones to me are Birmingham and Cardiff, which makes things difficult. I shall have to wait until its available to buy on DVD (I’ve heard it’ll be on Amazon quite soon).

So that you can see it for yourself, here is the trailer for the film…

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